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Yay, or nay?

As a technology journalist I review things for a living, so I thought I’d start reviewing BJJ things for fun. I often have a more irreverent tone to my BJJ reviews than I use in my day job, but my promise to you is that all the reviews here are genuinely what I think, and not influenced by any outside pressure. If something sucks, I’ll say it sucks. If it’s great, I’ll say it’s great.

I tend to like watching BJJ instructionals on my iPad, so I plan on reviewing a lot of the iOS apps I’ve bought, but will also review some BJJ gear, like earguards, or rash guards.

If you have anything BJJ related that you’d like me to review then please use the Contact form to get in touch.

Note on review policy: My reviews have always been, and always will be 100% independent. This is not paid-for content or ‘advertorial’. Products can be returned after the review period if required. All opinions are my own. Get in touch.

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