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Leandro Lo guard pass breakdown part 3

0.33 seconds: Lo’s famous back step pass

The next pass happens at around the 0.33 mark. Having (probably let) Brian regain guard, Lo then floats over to the other side, into a knee slide position. He then changes from knee sliding to his famous back step pass.


Note the active posting of his left hand on the mat, which gives him the space he needs to back step his right leg high and wide, without compromising his base.

0.30 Active Posting and Face Crank Knee Slide

To gain his knee slide position he uses his left hand to actively post on the mat,

The active posting enables him to maintain his base, even if the opponent has looped his lapel between his legs in an attempt to sweep and prevent the pass:

If Lo he needs some extra help to force the knee slide to completion then he uses a face crank by grabbing the collar with his right hand and pushing his forearm into the opponent’s face. With his face pushed away his opponent’s ability to defend the pass or sweep is slowly weakened.

Towards the end of the roll, at the 4.00 minute mark, Lo ends up in the knee slice position again, using both hands to active post, this time the visible tired Brian is overwhelmed and Lo gets the pass.

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