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Leandro Lo guard pass breakdown part 2

18 seconds: The classic Lo “Windscreen wiper step over pass”

The first guard pass in the video is a variation of the classic step over that Lo initiates to his right from standing in the guard. He just steps over Brian’s guard like it’s not even there! It’s very quick, so it’s hard to see the detail, but there’s a lot going on – notice how he windscreen-wipers each leg over the opponent’s left leg in turn. First the right, then the left leg. Once he’s passed his left hand goes straight to the opponent’s inside (bottom) leg to secure the position and to prevent the inside knee coming in.

To set up this pass he gets to a variation of his standard passing position – the position he always wants to be in to set up his knee slide. This is where he’s holding down the opponent’s left knee with his right hand, killing the DLR hook, and has his left leg stepped over the opponent’s right leg, which is stuffed between Lo’s legs. Because he hasn’t stuffed his oppoenent’s right leg yet, and it’s still on his left hip, the windscreen wiper pass is available

The pass is quick because Lo does both steps as one single jump, which requires a lot of agility. He usually performs this pass from a position where his right knee has already cut through, which happens at 1.59, later on in the roll:



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