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Defending the knee slide pass part 3

Defending the folding pass

This one is mentioned second in the video, but I don’t think it’s as common, so I’ve mentioned it last here. This time the wrestling collar tie is used as an option to make the frame, then the hip escape happens:


It’s worth drilling both these defences a lot – the knee slide and the step around pass particularly, as they require quite different mind and body responses, even if the concepts are the same. Get somebody to drill it with you, so they repeat the pass and you repeat the frame and hip escape to get your guard back. Try both sides. That’s important too.

There are other guard passes to deal with in Jiujitsu, and different defences, of course, but I feel that if you can get the basics of framing and turning in and framing and turning away to hip escape, and knowing when to use each one, you have the fundamental pattern ingrained to deal with most problems.

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