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AJ Sousa and the lasso guard part 4

The Spin-under omoplata
Another thing I like about AJ is that he goes for the spin-under omoplata a lot. It’s a technique that looks flashy, so I’ve always thought of it as being a bit ‘for show’ and not that practical, yet AJ utilises it to great effect, so that it’s a constant threat. Here he follows his sweep up by spinning under to get the omoplata position, then reacts to the opponent posturing up by turning it into a sweep.

Other guards
Later in the match he utilises different guards, switching between collar and sleeve guard and De La Riva guard, all to prevent the guard pass, but he’s most attacking when he’s  back into the lasso guard, this time transitioning without delay into an omoplata again. With the lasso guard the omoplata is usually easily available by simply grabbing the elbow of the leg you’ve got the lasso on:

Notice how he stomps his heel down on the back of the opponent’s shoulder when doing the omoplata, breaking his opponent’s posture, before locking up the leg triangle? This is a key detail that AJ explains later on in episode 4, when he’s teaching his omoplata to a group of students.

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