The phenomenal no gi specialist Gordan Ryan was a stand out at the 2017 ADCC, winning his weight division and coming second in the absolute to the mighty Felipe Pena.

Like all the members of the Danaher Death Squad, Ryan is known for his back attacks. The DDS back attack system has been analysed in depth – you can find some great breakdowns like this one below explaining how they use what is traditionally thought of as the “weak” side to set up their attacks instead of the “strong” side.


In addition to the rear naked choke, using the weak side offers more variety of attacks, and has also been popularised by Renner Gracie as the “Triple Threat”, as he explains here:

However, Ryan is happy to use whatever submission his opponent gives him, which means he also has some brilliant strong side attacks, which is what we’re going to look at here, using his submission over Jacen Flynn in EBI 6 as an example of a Ryan back take to a strong side finish.

I particularly like this one because the set up for the choke is all part of the back take.

You can watch the full EBI6 on UFC fight pass. But the particular submission I’m talking about is found right at the end of the highlight video shown here.

  1. He starts attacking Flyn’s turtle position from the side, feeding his right arm through on top of Flynn’s right forearm. He is also kneeling no Flynn’s calf, which I think he’s doing to prevent Flynn from rolling forward, or just to add an extra element of control.


2. With Flynn’s right arm controlled, he then starts to feed his left arm under Flynn’s chin, which is now available, reaching in deep for his right shoulder.


3. He pulls in tight with his right hand grip to collapse Flynn’s turtle position, helping his weight shift over the top of him.

4. Then starts to roll, with the aim of getting his head between Flynn’s head and the mat.

5. Ryan kicks his left leg straight to gain the momentum he needs to come up to a seated position, dragging Flyn with him.

6. Ryan ends up sitting up behind Flynn.


8. He pulls backwards, making Flynn bridge, extending him out and exposing him for Ryan’s hooks. Ryan angles his body to the strong side.

9. With Flynn’s right arm extended, Ryan can easily trap it with his right leg and heel.


10. Keeping Flynn’s right arm trapped, Ryan starts to tighten the choke with his left hand. Note: Flynn is trying to keep a hold of Ryan’s right wrist, to prevent him joining his hands together.

11. With better leverage on his side, Ryan frees his right arm from inside of his own foot trap and quickly brings it up to the head.

12. Ryan can now complete the rear naked choke, finishing on the strong side.

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed it, if you can see any details I’ve missed then let me know!