I was watching BJJ competitor Kit Dale’s instructional on guard passing the other day and I think the main thing I got from it was that he likes to secure the upper body as soon as possible, rather than worrying about passing the legs.

In this preview clip for the instructional he gives away the concept for free:

I have a few issues with the instructional in terms of quality – the sound seems to be all over the shop and he falls back to subtiltes when it cuts out completely, but the concept is sound.

If you watch this montage of Kit at the recent ADCC competition you can see him utilising this concept over and over again.

It was interesting to compare this to Paul Schreiner’s excellent instructional on Pressure Passing from Digitsu. The first pass Paul teaches uses the principle of consolidating the guard pass with the upper body before he gets the legs fully untangled.

It’s such a good concept I had to share it, especially as Kit is giving that key bit of his guard passing seminar away on YouTube for free. Try and add it to you guard passing and see where it takes you.